Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE):

Moodle is an Open Source Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The idea is to take the best aspects of classroom practice and use Moodle as a VLE to transfer that into the home environment.

We offer Moodle Learning Platforms tailored to meet your needs. Our service involves installation, hosting, course layout, branding and content for your Moodle site.


Parkside School Moodle VLE
Stanborough School Moodle VLE
Royal Grammar School Moodle VLE
Joanna Pinewood Education Moodle VLE

Online Spelling, Maths and Languages Tests:

Our online spelling, maths and languages applications are a fun new way for pupils to learn and practise their weekly spellings and sums.

Using a simple online interface, teachers can set up a test in minutes which pupils can then access from home.

The test can be embedded into your school website, which not only makes it more convenient for pupils, but also generates more visits to the site.


Online Maths Practice
Online Spanish Practice
Online Spellings Practice
Online French Practice

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